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Video Production and Photography

I was in a Master’s program at George Mason University in 2006.  At the time I was a social science teacher and my graduate classmates and I were working together to develop and publish the first Online Academy for high school students through George Mason University.  We created learning modules that collectively made up year-long courses for students to take online.  As part of that work, the person next to me was creating a video for students to watch and discuss using Microsoft Movie Maker.  I leaned over and asked him, “What you are doing there?” He took about 90 seconds to show me what he as working on and how to quickly create a video in the software program.

I happily spent the rest of that class playing around with Movie Maker, not knowing how much that interaction with my classmate would change the direction of my career as well as my personal passions and interests.  Since that night in 2006, I have become an avid “hobbyist” photographer and videographer.  I have taken thousands of pictures and produced dozens of videos for school and county use.  Please visit my portfolio to see some of my work!


Bulldog Media on Vimeo - Videos made for Stone Bridge High School and Loudoun County Public Schools.